About the Neanderthal Forge

Neanderthal Metal Works - Neanderthal Forge

Neanderthal Forge is a project started by me, William Livingston, the owner of Neanderthal Metal Works in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It gives me an opportunity to combine my love of working with metal, my amateur interest in geology and my artistic and metaphysical interests into something that I can share. 

Having been involved in the metal trades in various aspects for over 20 years, I have learned many techniques that naturally lend themselves to creating art, a very fortunate coincidence indeed. Growing up, I found a love of stone and minerals early, being heavily influenced by Mr. Wensley as well as the lovely people at Livingstone Art and Gem. Combining these interests into pieces that other people can enjoy is something I consider to be one of the greatest joys in my life.

My first pieces, the stone geese and ducks, were requested  by a customer so that she could put them around her pond. I realised that I enjoyed creating this style of art so much that I decided to set up an entire business section so that I could share it with the world! The Neanderthal Forge was born!

After experimenting and creating new methods and idea in metal forming and rediscovering my fascination with the metphysical, adding jewelry and metaphysical tools to my products, under the Druidic Adornments brand, has been an organic and natural process. Creating new pieces for others to enjoy, from all interests and walks of life is the most satisfying experience that I have discovered so far.